At The Haven, LLC we resolve to promote the advancement of our residents in providing the foundation upon which they may achieve freedom from the bondage of addiction. We believe that with the proper supports in place, anything can be achieved. When one builds a solid foundation for any home, you can build an amazing structure above, but if there is a small crack in that foundation it can come tumbling down.
We know the world is not a perfect place and that bad things can happen to good people. We resolve to operate according to the following creed in order that we may contribute to our residents emotional well being, health, socialization and healing to the very best of our ability.

The Haven, LLC strives to help those individuals who struggle with addiction have a clean environment, a supportive community and the realization of hope!

  • Sincerity and goodwill at all times

  • To serve with compassion and understanding

  • Respect the power of support and kindness

Days we are here to support you
Days a month to encourage hope
Days a week here to offer understanding
Vision to help rebuild ones life


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